Wednesday Oasis

Oasis is our Wednesday Evening experience for those needing a "spiritual boost" in the middle of the week.  It is offered in three sessions: Fall (September-November), Winter (January-March), and Spring (April-May).  New activities are offered for most ages in each session.  Classes begin at 6:30 PM.


Fall Oasis

September 12 - November 14

“Legalism, Freedom, and the Gospel” - A Study of Galatians
Led by John Davis
What is legalism?  How are we tempted toward it?  How do we avoid it in our church and in our lives?  What about Christian freedom?  How do we experience it?  How can we avoid misusing it?  Why is the gospel absolutely essential even for long-time believers?  God answers all of these questions and more in the book of Galatians.

“A Discussion of Ruth” - Women’s Study

Other Activities

Adult Worship Choir Rehearsal

Children’s Activities
    - Middle School group
    - Elementary K-5th grade, practice for the “We Three Spies” Christmas musical will begin.
    - Preschool choir